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                                      One of ten famous China Glass Brands Technology centre of the city companies
                                      About YaoHai
                                      Production Equipment
                                      Technical Training
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                                      COMPANY INTRODUCTION

                                      YaoHai Glass was established in Aug.,1996 and located in Modern Glass Industrial Base of Tengzhou(China), a city with long history and convenient transportation. The company employs two hundred employees and annual production is more than 1000,000 square metres. The company is one of the most famous art glass companies depend on its high YaoHai Glass owns more than 80 kinds of process technology and hundreds of product series, and the main products are sliding door glass, partition glass, closet door glass and art glass. Our
                                      CONTACT US
                                      Contact person:Jenny Wei
                                      Mobile: +86 13475245693
                                      Email: jenny@techhiglass.com

                                      Contact person: Bella Lee
                                      Mobile: +86 13021590180
                                      Email: bella@techhiglass.com

                                      Free call: 400-0632-688
                                      Address: Modern Glass Industrial Base, Tengzhou, China
                                      Interact with YaoHai
                                      Scan to focus on YaoHai Glass Wechat
                                      Wechat No.:th06322657888
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